César Aréchiga

Mr. Aréchiga is a visual artist who also holds a degree in Graphic Design. Urged by Paco Barrera, the then Director of the Guadalajara Secretary of Culture. He took his first steps into the world of fine arts at the age of 17. His first exhibition took place at the Forum of Art & Culture of Guadalajara. Mr. Aréchiga's work has benn recognized in numerous accasions: Reforma Group, in 2007; October Salon in 2004, 2005, 2007; Atanasio Monroy, in 2005; Ciudad Verde Zapopan (Honorable Mention), in 2005; The LA50 Award (Los Angeles), in 2015.

He relocated to Paris in late 2007, where his work was included into the Mexican Art Pavilion. That same year he traveled to Berlin, where he showcased his work at the urban performace space Branderburg Gate. He remained there for the next twelve months and returned to México for an exhibition of his work at the Macay Museum in Mérida, in 2008 He spent the following three years in New York City. Some of the exhibits that showcased his work are: The Pool Art Fair (dedicated to emerging artists) in 2010; ArtMRKT Hamptons in 2011; Icosahedron Gallery, 2011; Trump Soho, 2011; Le Cirque, in 2011. It was in New York that he furthered his training at the Art Student League of New York. He returned to México in 2011, for a string of exhibits: Oscar Román Gallery, México City (2012); Museum of Modern Art (2013, México Vivo); Ajolote Gallery, México City (2013); Museum of the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco (2014); Museum Ex-Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara (2014). During his stay in México, he was invited to showcase his work at the Gyongam Museum of South Korea, followed by another exhibit at AOTA, in Bangkok, Thailand.

From its inception, his artwork was largely defined by almost photographic realism. Today, while being eminently figurative , it juxtaposes realism in black and white with the violence of color, and using collage as technique without losing reality as a way of denouncing it. Throughout his career, Mr Aréchiga has focused on non traditional ways of developing artistic techniques such as using trash as the main component for his art, it is by recycling it that the artist is able to hold up a mirror to reality through a canvas. The aim is to transmit the conflict between our current ecological crisis and the massive destruction of resources as a way to appeal to the collective conscious.